Why Hire A Professional

The 7 Things You Should Know Before Booking Your DJ

Before you book a DJ for any party, celebration, special occasion, or what many bridal couples believe will be the most important day of their lives together to date; consider these helpful tips that may have gone overlooked.

1. Schedule a meeting. First impressions are everything!

    Is the DJ you are considering willing to meet with you and your fiancé? If you live out of town, schedule a phone conference. Will your DJ set up a time that is convenient for the both of you to talk about your vision? If you do meet with your DJ, are they on time? How is their appearance? Is their presentation neat and professional looking and are they organized and informative? Did they answer all of your questions? Most importantly, are they listening to you?

2. Did you truly feel comfortable with the DJ you met?

    Choose the DJ company that “feels” right to you and your fiancé’. You’ll know within the first 20 seconds if he or she is right for you both. The DJ you choose should be just as excited as you are about your reception! Can you see yourself tearing up the dance floor with the DJ you just met running your event? If not, interview more companies – there is someone out there who is the perfect match for your entertainment vision!

3. Is the price too good to be true?

    Does this sound familiar? “My Uncle has a friend who is a DJ, he’s going to give us a great price”.

    That may be great but don’t be upset if he totally drops the ball! Just because a DJ has a laptop and a set of speakers doesn’t make them a true professional event DJ. Take a minute and think about it – you’re spending money, don’t settle for the lowest price if you are not comfortable. Interview multiple DJ companies and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Are you confident they will accommodate all of your needs? Did they answer all of your questions? Will they fit in with your family, friends and guests or are you wishing the phone call or meeting couldn’t end fast enough?

4. Will the DJ you interview be performing at your event?

    I cannot stress this enough to my inquiring bridal couples. It is absolutely crucial that the DJ you meet is the DJ performing at your event. Time and again DJ companies will not share this info with you. Ask the DJ you interview if they will be the actual person performing at your event. You definitely need to know this info before you sign a contract. Which brings us to #5.

5. Sign a contract.

    Do yourself a favor, sign a contract. A handshake only goes so far. Your DJ should always be open to discussing your event at any time. Schedule at least two meetings or phone conferences with you DJ prior to your special day after you sign a contract. Proper event planning ensures flawless execution.

6. Music selection guidance.

    Your DJ should have a substantial music collection and be willing to share his ideas with you while listening to your vision. Oldies, Motown, Disco, Beach, Country, Rock, Modern Rock, Ethnic, Old School and Urban, 80’s, 90’s, Top 40, etc. Most likely your guests will make requests; your DJ should be prepared.

7. Communication.

    As a customer, you should expect to hear back from your initial inquiry within 24-48 hours. There is one exception to consider however, most DJ’s perform on the weekends. Your DJ should be flexible and work with your schedule to plan an initial meeting as well as several follow up phone calls and emails. Promptness is everything!